Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Cheeky Moment!

It never fails, just when I think I can not be surprised, my kids go and do something so crazy that it leaves me speechless. Cady is very much a little artist, there is not a single wall or item in the house that has not been drawn on. I just found her signature on the side of the microwave just yesterday. It doesn't matter how many times I take her markers and crayons away. I try my best to tell her its only OK to draw on her art paper and then show her the giant stacks of paper (Every type and color imaginable) that are right out in the open for her to use any way she wishes. She still continues to draw on everything. I admit that most of the time she is actually quite creative. Once, she took her white pony (a stuffed animal) and turned it into a white and green zebra, most likely to play zebra's with her little sister (A huge zebra nut).

Lately, my artist has ventured into the area's of body art. At first it seemed fairly innocent, a little face on her wrist or on her leg. Then she started decorating her little sister. So Monday was a crazy day. I had my pre-op appointment and had left my husband at home to watch the girls and to wait for Koda to get home from school. The girls had finished their lunch and asked their dad if they could go downstairs to play. He said sure and didn't think anything of it. He say's he heard them playing and laughing the entire time while he tried to do some of his work from home. Later that evening I return home and got dinner made and everyone fed. Vannah was tired so I decided to get her ready for bed. I noticed that she had a mark on her shin and it worked its way around to the back of her leg. I sighed and quickly scolded Cady and Vannah for drawing on each other but I wasn't to horribly upset. I told her to turn around so I could see if there were any other marks and that's when I got a cheeky surprise!

I don't know how one can honestly prepare themselves for such a surprise. At first I had a look of complete dumbfounded shock on my face. A noise that was a cross of OMG and sucking air came out of my mouth. Being the excellent mommy that I am, I reached for my phone and took a pic to post to the world because that's what mommies do. And you better believe it when I say that this photo has a permanent home in little Miss Vannah's baby book! Oh how I love my crazy little kiddos!

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