Friday, January 4, 2013

The Holidays are finally Over

Whew, the last 3 weeks have gone by in a blur. Actually the last 3-4 months, strike that, more like the last year has gone by so fast it has left me spinning. My surgery went well and I am slowly recovering but feeling very well. In fact, I feel so much better and things that I thought worked fine before the surgery now are working even better and it has gotten me wondering just how long I had actually been having issues and never even realized. But I wont dwell on that and bore everyone, its time to move on and enjoy life.

Anyways, as a result of having surgery on the 18th of December, we stayed home for Christmas and New Years. It might seem a little boring to most people but it actually was one of the best Holidays I have ever had. New Years was especially fun. The kids all danced around, we wore party hats and had fun horns to blow. At 10:59 (we live in the midwest) we gathered around the TV and watched the Ball Drop in New York and did the whole countdown thing.  After that we went out onto our deck and did some confetti sticks. By 11:30 the kids were all fast to sleep in bed. It was a perfect night!

Some pictures from Christmas:
Cady's new bed set

Cady's pretty Christmas dress

My Handsome boy all dressed up and sporting a tie!
Vannah in a Zebra Dress

Vannah's new Zebra bed set

And Vannah's new sweater dress with a zebra jacket......the girl loves zebras!

And then the New Years Party:

Being goofy

Cady trying to look sweet and innocent

Party Horns cause Mommy loves a headache!

My Prince

The Devil in Pigtails HAHA

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