Sunday, September 2, 2012

When Glitter Attacks

       Silence, the first sign of trouble. I should have known immediately that something was up. But those rare moments of peace are hard to pull away from. Normally I have one of my three always under my feet asking for food or drink or wanting to color or watch a movie. So when I have a moment to actually sit down and relax, maybe sneak a snack or a cup of tea, I really cherish it. But in the back of my head I always know that it will cost me.

       It was silent in my house. I convinced myself that the kiddos where all playing nicely together down in the toy room or watching a movie since it was to hot to be outside. I was lounging upstairs, really enjoying some mom time, when Koda came running into the kitchen. I knew something was up before he even muttered a word. All I did was raise an eyebrow and he said "Mom, the girls made a mess with the sparkly stuff" I quickly went through my mind trying to figure out what the sparkly stuff could be. As I walked down the stairs I noticed that my crafts dresser which has the baby proofing latches on it had every single drawer pulled open. With a great big sigh I walked to the girls bedroom and saw a beautiful sparkly mess.

They had found my glitter!

Isn't it beautiful!

For the next 20 minutes I worked on vacuuming the giant mess up. Not only was the floor covered but so were the beds and numerous toys. When I shook Vannah's blanket it looked like a magical rain pouring to the floor. So much sparkles everywhere. No matter how much I vacuumed, the glitter was always there and probably will remain for years to come. 
Later that evening I was playing with Vannah when I noticed glitter on her hair. At a closer glance I discovered that she had so much glitter in her hair that you could not see her scalp. I brushed her hair and washed her hair and the glitter is not coming out. Its going to be a while before this mess is fully cleaned up.

Yes the girls did get in trouble for getting into mommies stuff. They got to help clean up and lost some toys due to the glitter and glue.  I never once got mad.  Sometimes all you can really do is laugh. I know I will never forget this adventure and will always look back on it and smile. 

This shirt fits her very well!