Monday, November 11, 2013

November Update

Its finally November.  Koda has not developed anymore bald spots and his spot is now starting to grow back in,  just in time for him to have school pictures tomorrow.  He is also now on meds for ADHD. He was started on 10mg, he should immediate improvements but was still fidgety and excitable.  So he was upped to 18mg, nearly doubled! I was worried it would be way to much and I didn't want Koda to be a zombie. But thankfully this seems to be the perfect dose. He came home with a perfect spelling test 2 wks in a row now. He is so proud of himself  and doing really good now. His speech also seems to be doing better as well.

Anyways, here are some pictures over the last couple of months
Girls in the play yard

Koda and Vannah catching ducks

Duck got revenge and pooped all over Vannah
First snow of the year

Hard boiled eggs in the spirit of Halloween!

A Southern Belle

A very cute Cleopatra
All three together before Trick or Treat

Vannah discovered an issue with hoop skirts