Thursday, September 25, 2014

Summer 2014

It's been a crazy summer. Koda was in baseball, all 3 kids took swimming lessons, we walked in a Parade with the Iowa Children's Alopecia Project, bought our very first camper and did many camping trips , Vannah got glasses, and all 3 crazy kiddos are now in school. It's been nuts around here. 

As I said, Koda was in Baseball this year and absolutely enjoyed it. He had an amazing coach that really made it a lot of fun. 

Kodas alopecia really flared up during the last part of school and early summer. So he decided that he wanted to shave his head. We bought Koda an electric razor and started shaving his head. The first time was a lot of fun. He decided that if he was going the shave his head then he gets to shave his daddies head. And that's exactly what happened.
I just love my baldies!

Over the summer, the kids started swimming lessons. We had put it off for so many years that finally we made it our top priority. Koda and Cady did very good but Vannah failed and has to retake level 1 next year. But they all had fun and Vannah will get it next year. She just needs to be a little more comfortable in the water. 

During this time, we got the opportunity to walk with the Iowa Children's Alopecia Project in a parade down in Des Moines. The kids had a blast and it's always fun seeing Koda proud of his alopecia when he is around other kids with it as well. 

We bought our very first camper and a truck on July 3 and started our Camping adventures. It's one major purchase that has been completely worth the money. The kids have really enjoyed camping and I truly hope it's building amazing memories.

Little Miss Vannah got glasses. I was certain that she would break them within the first hour but she has been extremely careful and takes excellent care of them. She is also adorable in them. 

The biggest Change in our lives is that all three kids are now in school full time. Vannah started Kindergarten. That means I have 8hrs a day to myself (it is Heavenly) 

It's been a crazy summer. That's exactly how we like it.

Yes, Kodas hair all grew back for a little while! And yes, he was doing his homework on the toilet and made himself a 'desk'.