Monday, May 14, 2012

Vannah Smiles

Vannah had a huge milestone, she had her first visit to see the Dentist. Being that she is my child, I was worried she could have inherited the my soft enamel and would be in for a life of dental repairs. But as it turns out, only one of my 3 kiddos got my teeth. Poor Koda is only 6 and will be having his first root canal done in a few weeks. Vannah on the other hand has fantastic teeth. In fact the only thing the Dentist could really tell us to try to improve on was flossing her teeth better. Vannah will be 3 come the end of June, so I thought flossing would be an impossible venture. As it turns out, it is remarkably easy with the help of Fun Flossers. Now Vannah is reminding me that she needs to floss.  Anyways, Vannah had a wonderful appointment. She was the last of the 3 to go back but she had a fun time playing in the waiting room.

When she was finally called back, I could tell she was a little nervous because she was a little on the quiet side. She quickly warmed up to the dental hygienist and told her all about her shoes and that she had an owie on her teeth. I had been talking to her about going to the visit the entire week before and somehow she thought she had an owie on her teeth.  The lady was supper nice. Not only did she talk to Vannah about what she was going to do, she also showed her everything and let her touch and feel the tools.
Then the cleaning process and inspection on Vannah's teeth began. Now getting an almost 3 yr old to keep her mouth opened wide is rather a task. Not only did Vannah need to keep her mouth open but so did I. The moment my mouth would close, Vannah would start to close hers as well. It was discovered that Vannah did in fact have an owie. She has a great big canker sore right up in front on her inner lip. They said it looked like it was probably a toy poked her (With three crazy kiddos it is probably not to far off the mark). They also said that her teeth are very clean and that she is doing a fantastic job of brushing her teeth. 
Not a surprise to me, Vannah would spend hours and hours each day brushing her teeth if I would let her. Its one of her favorite things to do and she loves her Dora The Explorer toothbrush. And now she loves going to the dentist too. 

Just look at that beautiful smile and pearly whites!