Thursday, January 26, 2012


We are currently remodeling our home. The current kitchen will be moving to a completely different part of the house in the next year or two. Up until now, I had been just putting up with my current ugly kitchen and not wasting any money on fixing it up. Well that was fine until the kids and I started hanging out in the kitchen on a regular basis. We have an entire basement full of toys and a giant TV with countless Disney movies and other stuff that could keep a room full of kids entertained for DAYS. But in reality, the kids crave attention and love to be where ever I am. As annoying and frustrating as it can be when I am trying so hard to get projects and cleaning done, I also know that it is wonderful to have my kids wanting to be around me and I know that they are learning. So I got to thinking about my horrible kitchen and I realized that it is the perfect place to try some stuff out. See what I really like and what I don't. How I can make the kitchen a fun place that can keep my kids near me and out of my way at the same time. So a small tiny remodel is now taking place in our kitchen. The first project, I turned an ugly door leading up to our upstairs (the upstairs is only used for storage right now) into a chalkboard. I purchased Chalkboard paint from a local hardware store. After I got the chalkboard painted with 3 coats of paint,  we had to wait 4 days before it was ready to be used. Today is the big day and it is a huge hit with my kids.  Hopefully this will stop my artist from decorating her bedroom walls.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Just Like Her Mother

Along time ago there was a cute little blonde haired girl who loved to draw. One day this little girl found a magical black marker, she knew it was magical because her parents always called it a magic marker. She took this magic marker and quietly hid behind her parents beautiful leather mahogany sofa  where she discovered its true powers. The marker effortlessly glided across the back of the sofa in big graceful strokes. In no time the magic marker had created an entire village of magical stick people and animals. It was a masterpeice that nobody would ever find unless they moved the couch. Which oddly enough happened the very next day.  Fast forward to today. The little girl has grown up and now has an artist all her own. And all she can think is "Thank God I don't own a leather sofa!"

Cleaning With the Girls

The plan for today is to clean the house with the help of Cady and Vannah. This could be interesting because they are not the most productive helpers. Vannah's idea of helping mommy clean is taking all the toys and books I have just put away back out to play with. It doesnt matter what the toy is, the moment she see's me put it away she runs over and says "WOW". Its as if she has discovered a long lost artifact and she now must closely examine it to make sure it authentic. Cady on the other hand thinks of cleaning as the most disgusting chore there is and refuses to help. Strike that, she will grudgingly help and will carry one little tiny toy back to its location at a time. Such as lego's, it is one block at a time, if two are stuck together she doesnt bother with it.  But I am hoping that by bringing the iPod into their room and playing some music we will be able to make it somewhat fun and maybe actually get something accomplished today. And if not, we at least gave it a try.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Meet the Kiddos

The three craziest little kiddo's you could ever meet. They may look all sweet and innocent but they have made me change from a wonderful mother into a crazed lunatic in a matter of moments. Actually they are great kids that have made my life full. I really don't know how else to explain it other then saying full. Every single day is an adventure and I never know exactly what is going to happen. I decided to do a blog so I can share the adventure of my three little angels.