Friday, March 9, 2012

Girly Girls

I love having girls. I mean I love my boy with all my heart and he is a blast but the girls are so much fun because I get to do all the girly things with them. And my girls are very girly. Just this past weekend we took a trip to the hair salon and had a whopping 6 inches chopped off of Vannah's Hair. This was her first trip to a beauty parlor and also her very first haircut. She loved every moment of her pampering and sat there perfectly for the entire thing.
 I'm pretty sure that she thought she looked absolutely beautiful just having her hair clipped up. And she really enjoyed being able to see herself in the mirror the entire time.
Of course the salon was packed and everybody wanted to talk to the girls. Cady was pretty sure all these women were completely nuts but Vannah loved having conversations with all the women LOL. Afterwards she said "I'm beautiful now"