Friday, January 13, 2012

Cleaning With the Girls

The plan for today is to clean the house with the help of Cady and Vannah. This could be interesting because they are not the most productive helpers. Vannah's idea of helping mommy clean is taking all the toys and books I have just put away back out to play with. It doesnt matter what the toy is, the moment she see's me put it away she runs over and says "WOW". Its as if she has discovered a long lost artifact and she now must closely examine it to make sure it authentic. Cady on the other hand thinks of cleaning as the most disgusting chore there is and refuses to help. Strike that, she will grudgingly help and will carry one little tiny toy back to its location at a time. Such as lego's, it is one block at a time, if two are stuck together she doesnt bother with it.  But I am hoping that by bringing the iPod into their room and playing some music we will be able to make it somewhat fun and maybe actually get something accomplished today. And if not, we at least gave it a try.

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