Thursday, January 26, 2012


We are currently remodeling our home. The current kitchen will be moving to a completely different part of the house in the next year or two. Up until now, I had been just putting up with my current ugly kitchen and not wasting any money on fixing it up. Well that was fine until the kids and I started hanging out in the kitchen on a regular basis. We have an entire basement full of toys and a giant TV with countless Disney movies and other stuff that could keep a room full of kids entertained for DAYS. But in reality, the kids crave attention and love to be where ever I am. As annoying and frustrating as it can be when I am trying so hard to get projects and cleaning done, I also know that it is wonderful to have my kids wanting to be around me and I know that they are learning. So I got to thinking about my horrible kitchen and I realized that it is the perfect place to try some stuff out. See what I really like and what I don't. How I can make the kitchen a fun place that can keep my kids near me and out of my way at the same time. So a small tiny remodel is now taking place in our kitchen. The first project, I turned an ugly door leading up to our upstairs (the upstairs is only used for storage right now) into a chalkboard. I purchased Chalkboard paint from a local hardware store. After I got the chalkboard painted with 3 coats of paint,  we had to wait 4 days before it was ready to be used. Today is the big day and it is a huge hit with my kids.  Hopefully this will stop my artist from decorating her bedroom walls.

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